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Are you looking at different ways and the right strategy to connect to your target base? Do you want to know more about the content that your constituents are interested in, so that you can serve them better? Do you want to map your electorate so that you have the right information about them at your finger tips? Do you want to make use to the latest technology to reach out to your voter base? Are you looking out for the right tools, which can enhance your chances of winning in the elections? Are you looking for experts who can better run your political campaign?

Well, look no more, because you’ve landed at the right place!

We at Pscoi Management consultants specialize in strategic Political Communication, Constituency Profiling and Management, Campaign Management, Digital Media Management and Content Placement strategy, Polling & Political Data Analysis. Our business arena is focused mainly around the Study, Creation and Implementation of strategies designed to optimize your political actions and outcomes to make your objectives a reality. With politics as our heart-calling, our team of expert consultants have worked with companies, causes, campaigns, candidates and parties in India and other Asian Countries.

We indulge in Strategic Planning, Mobilization and Organization at the grassroots and grasstops. We’ve always laid special emphasis on exhaustive geographic and demographic investigation in our Campaign Plan. Being data driven and incorporating the latest technology has always been at the the heart of our problem solving approach. Filled with zest and zeal, our team comprises of experts from different areas including: Strategists, Researchers & Content Developers, Communicators, Design & Creative thinkers, Audio-Visual Production, Media personnel, Event managers, Socio-Politco-Economic Analysts and Logistic managers. We are made up of people from the leading management and technical institutions like IIMs, IITs and VTU and we take pride in the diversity of thought and culture that we bring to the table. With this robust team in place, we have successfully involved in elections across India for more than 8 years.

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We are political enthusiasts who love to get involved in meticulously designing the right strategies, conceptualising innovative campaigns, work on developing and delivering the right message, reaching out and influencing the electorate and persuading them to act. We can be your one-stop-poll-solution-provider who can empower you to win the election. We embrace and adopt the latest technology to make your job much more easier. We believe in bringing in complete Transparency & Accountability into the Political system, in the process making democracy much more vibrant, robust, participative and representative. To make this happen, we have an umbrella of services.
Data & Analytics

With so much of data moving around and gathered everyday, it is all upto how much of sense we can make out of it. As Max Levchin said, 

Campaign Management
Campaigning is the most important phase and effectively managing it becomes all the more crucial which can eventually decide the outcome of your election. 
Digital Marketing
The truth of the matter is, the world is going digital. And it is imperative for you to be present where your target audience are present. 
Leadership Training
Leadership is not about a title or a designation. Its about impact, influence and inspiration. Great leaders always find a way to unite and engage people, ,
Opinion Polls
A neutral, un-biased Opinion Poll is a very important tool to gauge the mood of your voters, if elections were to happen today. 
Creative & Innovative Content
Successful Campaigns depend a lot on devising innovative methods to reach out and convince your electorate. Multiple reach out modes are indeed necessary because all the electorate may not be available on a single platform, 
Brand Building
Brand Building or image makeover is all about re-discovering the overall purpose of your brand. It is about how you can make yourself 

Movement Building
Victor Hugo said: “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come”. So your message or an idea can become unstoppable only when it gets converted into a movement. 
Constituency Profiling

The secret and perhaps the success of your campaign hinges upon knowing your electorate better, the ongoing trends along with the issues,

PR & Advertising

You have so delicately handcrafted a message which is full of potential to create an impact on the minds of your electorate. Now, it is all the about the timing and the placement of it. 
Fund Raising
Finance is generally regarded as the lifeblood of any organisation. The success of your Fund Raising campaigns is largely 
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